So, an idea for a something came to me, but I wanted to gather some research first.
Fandoms. They seem a little nuts from the outside (and frankly, from the inside too). For those unaware few – a fandom is (according to Wikipedia) “a term used to refer to a subculture composed of fans characterized by a feeling of sympathy and camaraderie with others who share a common interest. Fans typically are interested in even minor details of the object(s) of their fandom and spend a significant portion of their time and energy involved with their interest, often as a part of a social network with particular practices (a fandom); this is what differentiates “fannish” (fandom-affiliated) fans from those with only a casual interest.”


Some of the biggies are Whovians (Dr Who), Sherlockians (Sherlock), Directioners (1Direction), Beliebers (Justin Bieber), Browncoats (Firefly), Potterheads (Harry Potter) and Trekkies (Star Trek). You’ve probably heard of most of them, even if you didn’t realize they had their own special name. They have message boards, forums, fan clubs, appreciation sites. Social media is connecting people like never before, with the heartwarming message that it’s ok to love what you love, even if the rest of the world thinks you’re several sandwiches short of a picnic.


It’s not what you love, it’s how you love it.  Don’t take that as an excuse for anything illegal, people.

A unifying factor of the fandoms is the level of obsession. It’s a whole other world of in-jokes, fan fiction (some of which is very, uh, enlightening…), cartoons, memes, shipping (the act of supporting a relationship between characters or people, real or imagined – for example, you might ship Harry & Hermione, or the Dr & Rose, or Zayn & Perry). The point is, it’s an all-consuming thing.

You can rely on a fandom for creative imagery…


Anyway, getting a little off topic… Ummmm…. Oh, yeah:


What I want to know is: How has your fandom (whether you’re active in one or just pretty fanatical about something); your obsession, the place where you go when you’re feeling introverted or when you just need people who understand you, that safe familiar, comforting ‘I’m just going to sit here and draw all the Doctors as if they were CareBears’ or ‘I suddenly feel compelled to reread Chamber of Secrets because I think we all learned something from that’ or ‘I think I’ll just marathon Firefly because wasn’t the world a better place when Nathan Fillion was my Captain…’ – that thing you love – how has it helped you in your life?  Particularly if you sometimes feel a little introverted, a little isolated, a little misunderstood…

It’s comforting to relate


Answers on a postcard below, please. Depending what I get back, I’ll clue you in on the idea.

(Apologies for the poor writing – this came to me in a flash between ordering takeout and Hard Knocks and I wanted to get it down before I forgot/chickened out)